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Deciding to propose can simultaneously be one of the easiest and most stressful decisions in a man’s life. Even when confident of the answer, one can start to worry about all the tiny details that could derail one of the biggest moments of your life. Don’t worry about the moment though; let it work for you so that all you should worry about is getting down on one knee and speaking coherently. Mobile, Alabama is a city rich in history and beauty, making it an ideal city in which to propose. Here are six unique ways to propose in Mobile, Alabama that will help make for an unforgettable memory. 

1.      During a Mardi Gras Parade
What’s more celebratory than Mardi Gras? If you’re both native Mobilians and/or transplants who’ve fallen in love with the city and its culture, take advantage of the festive atmosphere surrounding Carnival season. A parade provides a lively backdrop that will seem to be celebrating with you; and if you’re in a krewe, see if you can slip the proposal into a stop on the float or a ball for extra dramatic effect. 

2.      Washington Square
This idyllic and charming little square near the Oakleigh District provides oak trees that will wrap you up in their secluded paradise. If you’re searching for somewhere quiet and naturally beautiful, look no further than Washington Square. 

3.      Mobile BayBears Baseball or South Alabama Football Game 
Want to go the Jumbotron sports route? Mobile can help with that plan. If you’re baseball fanatics, arrange for your special someone to throw the first pitch at a BayBears game. You can then surprise them on the mound or reveal you were the masked catcher for a moment that will be a home run. If you’re more football people, work your way into a fan moment or possibly pre-game show where your love is the star of the night with screaming fans providing an exhilarating experience. 

4.      Battlehouse Hotel Whispering Arches 
The lobby of The Battlehouse Hotel in downtown Mobile lends itself to the feel of a modern-day castle. Its high dome with stained glass and intricate carvings all create a feeling of class and royalty around anyone that walks inside its hallowed halls. Take advantage of one of their architectural features by sneaking up to the west arch (towards the front of the building) and sharing a secret conversation with your special someone. Place them on one end of the arch while you stand on the other. Speak into the crevice there and you can ask them anything you want without a single soul around being the wiser. 

5.      Bienville Square 
Like Washington Square, this is a plot of land dotted with oak trees that provide a bit of an oasis within a concrete jungle. Bienville Square prides itself on being the center of the city, an epicenter for all that is fun and special about downtown Mobile. This means at Christmas it is the sight of the city’s official tree and tree lighting ceremony. If you’re a couple who enjoys the holiday spirit, this could be the perfect place for the two of you to begin the rest of your lives together. 

6.      Bellingrath Gardens 
No matter the time of year, you’re guaranteed a breathtaking experience at Bellingrath Gardens & Home. If you want the magic of the holiday season, go during Christmas when the grounds are lit up to create a winter wonderland. Head out during any of the other three seasons for a setting that is always full of flowers and manicured landscapes (which could be a good omen for your proposal). The Gardens is truly a shining jewel in Mobile and if your other half is someone who enjoys all the beauty of nature, this is a perfect place to get down on one knee. 

Proposing in Mobile, Alabama can make any moment memorable. The city is made to be embraced. Let it cast a spell over the event that will be remembered as starting the most exciting adventure of your life. Keep these six unique ways to propose in Mobile in mind to help make the day extra special.

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