Anniversary Gifts For Milestones

Posted on Friday, July 12th, 2019 at 1:27 pm by Michelle

Anniversaries are a special moment for you and your loved one to share intimately or with family and friends. However, the stress of planning the perfect anniversary date can be overwhelming, often catching many by surprise. Start looking for a gift early. Express your love by choosing from classic Goldstein’s jewelry pieces that will shine forever.



First Anniversary

Celebrating your first year of marriage is extraordinary and exciting, so you need to capture the whirlwind experience in the right piece of jewelry. You want to mark your first year together with the perfect gift that she will cherish forever. Diamond solitaire earrings are a great option because they are classic, beautiful and can be worn every day. If she already has diamond solitaire earrings, a solitaire earring jacket is a perfect addition.

Fifth Anniversary

 After five years of marriage, love is going strong and hitting its stride, so you certainly have something to celebrate. Commemorate this incredible milestone with a gift that shows her how much she means to you. A diamond pendant necklace states boldly that this woman is loved. Choose from different colors and shapes that fit her style best.


Tenth Anniversary

 The big ten is a huge milestone an entire decade as man and wife. You need a gift that says you still love her as much as the day you married her. Make it unique with a new or added diamond band she’ll wear with her engagement ring, reinforcing the commitment you’ve shared for 10 years.


Twentieth Anniversary

Say you still do with traditional platinum jewelry such as dainty necklaces, earrings or rings she can stack with other everyday wear jewelry pieces. Platinum pieces add a new dimension to your anniversary gifts as your marriage completes its second decade, and your partner will see the effort you made in finding something new that suits her and her personality.

Twenty-fifth Anniversary

 Say you still do by gifting her with a ladies dream, a bigger diamond for her ring. Adding a new diamond to her beloved ring will make her feel even more special. To keep the memory of the older diamond, make it into a pendant to be worn close to her heart. She is sure to be surprised and full of joy at this thoughtful gift.

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