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Charm bracelets are a classic and beautiful way to showcase your personality and major life moments. Sitting daintily on the wrist, these pieces of jewelry can reflect whom you are in simple little pieces, telling your entire story in two inches. Before you start looking into your own, it’s important to understand these things about charm bracelets: types, charms, and stages.

·         Types
o   Traditional  

The traditional type is a chain link typically made of gold or silver. There are countless trinkets available covering all types of interests and commemorative moments. The trinkets are typically purchased one at a time and then put onto the bracelet.

o   European

These designs focus more on the links and not the traditional charms. The bracelet is made from metal and the ornaments are round beads made from enamel and glass. The beads are interchangeable to help create a different look. 

o   Italian

The Italian version is perfect for someone who wants the romanticism of a charm bracelet but not the chunkiness. It is made of an elastic material to keep it from dangling. There is room for 18 flat links that are interchangeable.

·         Charms
The actual charm options are endless and as such can get expensive. They can range in price based on the material—gold, silver or platinum—and the presence of diamonds or stones. Know your budget ahead of time and try to space out buying the charms to make them more affordable.

Before purchasing charms, know the type of bracelet you’re buying for. Many bracelets can only fit their corresponding ornaments so it’s important to stay within the correct scope. Oftentimes, jewelry stores will have them grouped as such. It’s also important to remember not to mix the metals of different ornaments and bracelets together.

·         Stages
  Whether it’s a new child, a wedding day, a graduation or the first time you scored a goal in soccer, there’s a charm for that. Decide the story you want to your bracelet to tell and even consider having different bracelets for different themes so as to not let one get too crowded.
Start by choosing what type of bracelet you want—traditional, European or Italian.
 Next, choose the story you want that particular bracelet to tell. This is especially important if you’re going with a traditional bracelet. If you’re choosing a European or Italian, choose the style that most accurately reflects your tastes.
 Start building your bracelet with a few key pieces. If you’re a mom and want to represent your family, start with a piece for each child. If you’re a teenager, start with two or three pieces that represent your favorite hobbies.
Over the years add pieces here and there that build on your story. It could be something to represent a trip you took or a unique holiday that’s special to your family.
 Ask friends and family to purchase charms for birthday and Christmas presents. It’s not a bad idea to tell them which pieces you want next but you could also let them pick out something they feel is exceptional about you and let that be its own charm bracelet as well!


Whether a traditional, European or Italian style, charm bracelets are such a unique way to symbolize a snapshot of your life. They can represent you and your life story in a beautiful and charming way. Goldstein’s Jewelers has been helping ladies and gentlemen select fine jewelry and accessories since 1879. Find us on Facebook, check out our website at, or give us a call at 251-460-9050 and let us help you start your story!

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