Classy Women Who Wore Pearls

Posted on Thursday, June 28th, 2018 at 10:57 am by Richard

When most people think of pearls, they immediately think of timelessness, elegance and class. Afterall, look at the ladies in your life that carry them on their décolletage so graciously or women throughout history that famously wore pearls. Elizabeth Taylor, the queen of jewelry herself could be seen draped in strands of pearls; Coco Chanel, the haute couture maven was no stranger to incorporating them into her designs. Then we have the iconic image of Audrey Hepburn as she’s splashed across the cover of Breakfast at Tiffany’s dawning pearls on her neckline, and don’t forget about Jacqueline Kennedy, sporting around Cape Cod looking New England chic in her pearls.

Did you know there is a sweet tradition where girls that turn 16 years old receive a single pearl on a chain as a present? Then, when she turns 21, “the coming of age”, she receives her first string of pearls. Many ladies choose to wear their strand of pearls on their wedding day, which is no surprise seeing how precious they are. Let’s take a look at some of the pearl pieces we offer here at Goldstein’s Jewelers.

These earrings will never go out of style. Freshwater pearls are set in 14K yellow gold and surrounded by .41 carat total weight diamonds.


How darling is this necklace? Perfect for someone getting ready to celebrate an important milestone birthday, this is a simple freshwater pearl on a 14K yellow gold necklace.


Take a look at this beautiful Vahan sterling and 14 carat yellow gold bracelet with freshwater pearls.

And finally, if you’re more of a ring person we have this stunning 14 carat white gold cultured pearl and diamond ring.


For caring for your pearls, always be sure to store them in a soft cloth to protect them from abrasive objects. When it is time to clean your pearls be sure to use a cleanser that is labeled as being safe for pearls. If you are a little unsure of cleansers you can always use lukewarm water and gentle soap as a safe option.

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