How to Choose the Perfect Diamond Shape for You

Posted on Friday, October 20th, 2017 at 3:40 pm by Richard


How familiar are you with the ten basic diamond shapes? To be clear, the shape of a diamond is determined not by the way it’s cut, but rather, by its overall geometric profile. This profile is what gives the diamond its brilliance and luster. Diamonds are often judged by their geometric perfection. But the real question is what diamond form is perfect for you? Below we explore the eight basic diamond forms to find out.

Round: A Classic Look
75% of all diamonds that are processed and sold are round. It is hands down the most popular look on any finger. The shape is clean, classic and flexible for various designs. It can be considered both classic and modern. The styles that showcase a round cut can be simple or complex.

Princess: Prim and Proper
The princess diamond was developed in 1961. The designer, Arpad Nagy, opted for a square appearance that hosted a broad spectrum of complex facets. Ultra-feminine ladies have been attracted to them ever since. The Princess diamond is an exemplary standard for an engagement ring.

Emerald: Excessively Glamorous
In the mid-1920s, Art Deco was all the rage. Governed by heavy use of geometric designs, Art Deco spilled over into the jewelry world. Thus, the rectangular ring, or Emerald, was born. It is known for its long flat surface with subtle facets running down the sides.

Asscher: Total Vintage
The Asscher was made in the same spirit as the emerald, but with the Asscher brothers going for a square figure instead of a rectangle. The Asscher has a thick center with deeply cut corners and stepped sides. It’s considered vintage because of its widespread popularity in the 1920s-1930s.

Cushion: The Hopeless Romantic
Confident, strong women are instantly attracted to the rectangular structure of the cushion (A.K.A. pillow) ring. However, the difference between the Cushion and the Emerald cut is that it has rounded corners and more sizeable facets to reveal beautiful little details. The Cushion has been around for at least a century and is loved by hopeless romantics.

Marquise: A Flair for the Dramatic
The Marquise ring may be the most distinctive in the collection. The cut is more tapered into an oval figure that has a point on each end. There are variations of the Marquise such as a hexagon-shaped surface that is accompanied by facets along the top and bottom.

Oval: Innovation all Around
The first thing you notice about oval diamonds is how incredibly brilliant they are. The oval ring is a hugely popular piece with women who have short fingers or small hands, because it makes their fingers appear more slender. The oval is often decorated with accents such as stones and other gems.

Radiant: Rare Elegance Made for a Diva
The radiant ring is elegant, extravagant and rare. With its rounded edges, it also has one really distinctive feature: it is undercut with 70 facets in order to highlight its bright sparkle. The 70 facets cause the light to reflect in all directions.

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