In the Spotlight: A. Jaffe

Posted on Friday, March 29th, 2019 at 9:37 am by Richard

In 1892, a 25-year-old New York native with a fascination for diamonds decided to open up a small shop in downtown New York City. A. Jaffe has made its mark on the jewelry industry, providing high-quality diamond rings for over 120 years. Producing the highest quality engagement, wedding and anniversary rings, A. Jaffe offers elegant, memorable designs.

History of A. Jaffe

Abraham Jaffe put his love and talents straight to work, stepping right into the bridal jewelry industry. Soon after starting his endeavor, Jaffe’s designs became instantaneously popular. He then moved into a bigger area on West 47th Street, which is now known as the epicenter of the jewelry world.

The Process

A. Jaffe has made its mark by their long history, but what makes them truly stand out is the process they have followed for many years. As they develop their breath-taking rings, they keep two things in mind: beauty and comfort. Each A. Jaffe jeweler has at least 10 years of experience, that means they never settle for anything less than the highest standard for their pieces. Each individual ring takes up to 80 hours to create and perfect.


The Diversity

There is no question A. Jaffe is a front runner in the engagement ring industry. Abraham Jaffe was one of the first to produce luxury solitaire and multi-stone engagement rings. In an industry saturated with competition, there are numerous qualities that make them stand above others. Jaffe stuck with his standards as he developed his signature shank, a ring that lets the diamond remain in the center no matter the various designs. Every A. Jaffe ring is 100% nickel-free and has almost half more palladium than other jewelers, presenting a ring that is durable with unmatchable shine. Each ring is customizable, allowing Jaffe’s attention to detail and personalization shine.

At Goldstein's, we offer over a large variety of beautifully designed A. Jaffe rings and wedding bands. If you’re looking for a ring or band that will last decades and is packed full of intricate design, A. Jaffe is the perfect choice for you.


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