In The Spotlight Galatea: Jewelry by Artist

Posted on Monday, August 26th, 2019 at 9:48 am by Michelle

Chi Galatea Huynh is the brilliant master behind Galatea: Jewelry by Artist. This collection features intricate detailing, vibrant colors and some of the most unique designs in the world. Each piece of work is a result of his personal touch. His hand-carved pearls are sure to catch the eye of any passerby, while other abstract pieces make sure he has jewelry fit for every fashion style. From sports to sea creatures, his inspiration, regardless of its origin, produces incredible works of art that anyone would be proud to display for all to see.


One of our favorite characteristics of the Galatea collection is the combination of mediums used in each piece. Check out this gorgeous representation of a baby bird hatching from its shell. The mixture of metal work and pearl gives the piece a soft touch to the bold metal accents. This pendant is another intricate example of how mixing mediums produce exquisite beauty. This lab created yellow diamond and ruby encompassed by a freshwater pearl will be the talk of your next dinner party.



Are there any sports fans reading this that love a dainty necklace? Check out these soccer ball, tennis ball and football necklaces. Even the most diehard fans will be overjoyed to have a stunning piece like any of these to have around their necks.



Think your tastes are too unique for Galatea: Jewelry by Artist? Think again. This delicate skull will have even the most morbid personality jumping for joy. The mixture of diamond and Tahitian pearl makes this ring a statement piece to gawk over. Or what about this gold orchid with a ruby center?  It’s an intricate ring, to say the least. This accent would be a perfect addition to a simple sundress or a glorious evening gown. We couldn’t leave out this adorable octopus!


Do you prefer something simpler, but still unique? We want to direct your attention to these pieces. This lovely lab created yellow diamond pendant is an exceptional take on the cross necklace fad. Prefer bracelets to rings? This twisted cuff with carved Tahitian pearls is stunning. These Davinci cut earrings featuring blue topaz are all you need to put your finishing touches on outfits for any occasion!


In case you’re still not convinced, we saved this opal and ruby pendant just for you! The perfect meld of color and delicacy will have all your friends begging you to tell them where you get your accessories!

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