The Perfect Touch of Patriotism for Your Independence Day Party

Posted on Monday, June 24th, 2019 at 11:09 am by Michelle

Independence Day is one of the most festive holidays of the year, second only to Christmas. This joyful day is always filled with barbeques, pool parties, impressive firework displays and countless serenades of ‘The Star-Spangled Banner”. It is the perfect excuse to show off all the red, white and blue attire in your closet. We have an abundance of stylish jewelry options to accent your wildest choices in attire; however, if you want to play it cool with low maintenance, we have you covered. These finishing touches will have your friends begging you to tell them who your stylist is.


Keep It Simple

 The best way to complement your boisterous attire choices is with simpler accent pieces. These sapphire solitaires and these ruby clovers are ideal for a hint of color on your ears without taking away from your outfit. These sapphire and ruby bands are very simple, yet elegant ring choices that are great stand-alone pieces. For some added flair, try stacking them!


Jazz It Up 

If your Independence Day outfit is on the simpler side of the spectrum, try adding a stylish necklace, such as this tanzanite pendant or this diamond and ruby pendant. We also recommend pairing these adornments with a bracelet for a little extra pizzazz. This sapphire and diamond color block bracelet and this elegant ruby bracelet are sure to catch a few admiring eyes.



Bear in mind, your simpler outfits can stand up to more jewelry accents. If bracelets aren’t your embellishment of choice, try a ring and bracelet combination. These pieces are great to do as pairs or to mix and match. (ruby ring, sapphire ring, garnet drops, sapphire hoops).


Stay Playful

Don’t be afraid to keep your jewelry as lighthearted as you are! These bangles (pink brass star bangle, and white brass garnet bangle) are a great way to add a simple finishing touch without feeling like your overpowering you’re outfit for the occasion.

When picking out jewelry accents for holidays, remember to mix and match your styles. If your outfit is bright and fun, select subtle adornments to complement your style without taking away from your focal point. If your ensemble is low maintenance, spice it up with a few funky, fun pieces that will enhance your overall look and even add some color.  

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