The Timelessness of Pearls

Posted on Friday, March 9th, 2018 at 2:37 pm by Richard

Pearls are one of the most valuable gifts that nature produces. They are recognized around the world as a symbol of wealth and perfection. Did you know that it is actually the oldest known gem? Throughout history, this precious gemstone has been treasured by the wealthy and elite. As well as being a symbol of status, pearls have also been used as currency by natives in the South Seas. During the Middle Ages, in medieval Europe, a law was made that they could only be worn by royalty or people of high nobility.


Akoya Pearls

Akoya pearls are the classic white traditional pearls. They are farmed in Japanese and Chinese waters and are the most sparkling, perfectly round pearl you can obtain. You can view our Akoya pearls here Our sizes range from 3.5MM to 8MM.


Freshwater Pearls

This is the modern fashion in the pearl world. Since the 1990’s this style has become very popular due to its larger range in size, color, and shape. Freshwater pearls match Akoya pearls in value and quality and are produced from mussels primarily in China. View our selection of Freshwater pearls here

Tahitian Pearls

Tahitian pearls give a sleek look and are usually a conversation piece. Black pearls were once known to be rare and were considered the “Pearl of Queens” at one time. They come in an array of sizes and contain a brilliant luster. They are retrieved out of the warm waters from the South Sea and grow in the Black-Lipped oyster.  View our Tahitian Pearls here

The Timeless Beauty of Pearls

Over the past 5000 years, pearls have played an important role in fashion history. Originally seen as a symbol of wealth and stature, this precious jewel is still seen as a valuable product today. Although the industry has evolved, they are still seen as a classic gem, and are indeed timeless!

So, if you are wishing to make a dull outfit look a little more elegant or are just wanting a simple but elegant look – pearls are the way to go!

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