Unique Gifts for Mother’s Day

Posted on Thursday, February 22nd, 2018 at 4:04 pm by Richard


There is no one in your life quite like your mother. She can provide warmth, love, laughter and a hug all in ways that are unique just to her. So she deserves a memento from you just as unique to show her how special she is in your life. Luckily, there is a day set-aside specifically to shower mom with praise, adoration, and gifts. While you should celebrate her all year long, go ahead and start preparing as well to really touch your mom this year with these unique gifts for Mother’s Day.

Pendant Necklace

Pendant necklaces are an easy way to give your mother a piece of jewelry that reflects her personality. This can mean gravitating towards a geo piece with her favorite color or staying within more traditional realms like gold and silver but adding a pendant that is more personal. The great thing about a pendant necklace is that you can make those personal tweaks like putting a grandmother’s ring or treasured locket on a longer chain.

Check out this simple yet modern pendant from Belle etoile!

Personalized Pieces

Give Mom a timeless gift for Mother’s Day, but make it unique with a personalized message! This can be something like a favorite saying or a special address. As long as it’s something that will always make her think of you then the goal of a unique gift will have been met. This can also be accomplished on various A. Jaffe pieces, from pins to necklaces. A personalized map piece of the childhood home you grew up in will be something your mother will cherish forever!


Our Slate & Tell pieces are also a great choice for customized jewelry. A simple necklace or ring can be made unique for each individual with a reference special to that person. These can be longitude and latitude coordinates to a spot where she was married, or the first family home, etc. A birthday of either Mom or her children will also help make the piece unique.



Something Unique


If you really want to spread your wings, then go with a completely unique gift. We carry many affordable jewelry pieces from brands like Elle Jewelry, Michou, and Anjelica! Get Mom something quirky and interesting that she can wear every day and show off her personality.

 These bangle bracelets from Angelica are simple, yet come with many different sayings and quotes that you are sure to find one that really represents your mother!


 The muted color palette of this Sugar Melon Blue Lace Agate & Blue Quartz sterling silver bracelet by Elle Jewelry is sure to turn heads when worn. Another great choice from Elle is a pair of demure pearl drop earrings!

Maybe your mother loves flowers, or being in the garden? In that case, something like these Michou floral inspired earrings are sure to impress!

Let Goldstein's help you celebrate Mom with these unique gifts for Mother’s Day. No matter what you choose, Goldstein’s can help make it perfect. Since 1879 we have provided quality diamonds, gemstones, and jewelry to our loyal customers. Find us on Facebook, check out our website (www.goldsteinsjewelry.com), or give us a call at 251-460-9050.

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