Wedding Day Jewelry: Is Less Always More?

Posted on Friday, May 10th, 2019 at 12:19 pm by Richard

You have the guy, you have the ring, you have even found your dream dress! You seem to be ready for your big day! With months to spare, what are you supposed to do in the meantime? Start focusing on the details! The jewelry you choose to compliment your dress might seem like a minor detail, but the right pieces can make a bold statement. It’s your special day so be sure that you are sparkling! Many brides tend to go too over the top by pairing bulky jewelry with a busy dress; while more reserved brides couple their modest dress style with even more understated accents. There is a fine line between too much and not enough when picking out wedding day adornments and we know our jewelry selection will put you in perfect balance.

Does it match or go?

Take a good look at your wedding dress. Is your dress a sassy complement to your overall vibe and venue or a perfect match? If you have a perfect match, consider earrings that would compliment your style rather than perfectly match your dress. If your dress is a touch of modern in a rustic venue, be encouraged to lean towards a rustic twist on a modern style.

What’s your neckline?

Look at the physical characteristics of your dress. It might have a lot of intricate beadwork, lace, heavy fabric, appliqué details or is the whole silhouette the same texture? This will help you determine the perfect jewelry style.

Deep V

Plunging necklines offer a sexy and glamorous feel. To complement the lines of this style dress, we recommend a simple necklace like this delicate clover pendant or this intricate diamond pendant. Pair it with a simple pair of earrings like these halos. Maybe necklaces aren’t your thing. Opt for these diamond dangles or this elegant pair of drop earrings to keep the lines between jewelry and dress flowing seamlessly. Dare to dream in color with these ruby and diamond earrings.


Open necklines truly showcase your shoulders and collarbones. Pearls are a delicate go-to accent, while these drop earrings give a modern feel. Both pairs are subtle adornments that will highlight your face and ensure your neckline gets the attention it deserves. For some color, check out these Galatea Davinci cut earrings.

High Neck/Halter

Like the sweetheart neckline, this style needs no necklace. We think the perfect earrings for this style are simple, but fun! These elegant journey earrings are perfect for understated, high neck dresses, while more detailed materials call for understated pieces like these pearl studs or  hearts on fire earrings. For a pop of color, or perhaps you need something blue, look for something like these tanzanite and diamond earrings.

Don’t forget to incorporate the overall vibe for your wedding day even in your jewelry selection. Try to always strike a balance between too much detail and not enough by complimenting your jewelry with your dress instead of matching. Never be afraid to work in a little color with your adornment selection.

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