Why Hearts On Fire Diamonds Are On Fire!

Posted on Friday, April 13th, 2018 at 12:49 pm by Richard

Oh my just look at that sparkle!  How gorgeous are these?  Could they be Mandalas? Kaleidoscopes? No! They are every girls’ best friend, DIAMONDS!  Every diamond has a very unique thumbprint - just like you!  Hearts On Fire Diamonds display a perfect set of eight hearts on the bottom and a fireburst pattern on the top.  But every diamond has a unique pattern created by its interaction with light.

Amazing light performance in a diamond is the result of the most important of the 4C's - Cut.  These images are created through the American Gem Society's Angular Spectrum Evaluation Technology, which allows us to visually perceive how efficient a diamond's light performance is.  The colors identify the angular spectrum from which a diamond is gathering light. Just look at the sparkle of light dancing between facets.

Red represents the brightest areas of light return. It strikes the diamond from 45° up to perpendicular to the table.

Green also represents light return, but not as bright.  It has been reflected off objects or from indirect angles.  This is the light that strikes the diamond from 45° out to the horizon.

Blue is contrast,  It is the pattern of light and dark areas that our eye finds pleasing.  It is caused by light that could have entered the diamond but which is blocked by the viewer's head.  It should be distributed in a balanced and symmetrical pattern.

Black or white (depending on the lighting environment) represent leakage, which is an area from which light is literally lost.  There should be little of this.

All together the diamond’s story tell us: 

●      Light Performance: Optical Efficiency

●      Optical Symmetry

●      Physical Symmetry

●      The Cutter's Expertise

All of these combine to give a diamond its magnificent sparkle!

These beautiful patterns are a diamond's unique thumbprint.  Each diamond is as unique as the woman who wears it!

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