Get the Engagement Ring You Want With These Hints from Goldstein's Jewelry

Posted on Friday, May 24th, 2019 at 3:41 pm by Richard

Every woman will claim that she is happy with the engagement ring her man puts on her finger. Contrary to what most think, most women receive a ring that wasn’t exactly what they had wished for. You may not be the type of person to come right out and tell your significant other the exact ring you’ve been dreaming of for years and that’s why dropping these helpful hints will help him during the ring buying process.

Let People Closest to You Know

If he has even a tiny thought of proposing, there is a huge chance he'll be asking the people closest to you for advice and assistance. It's a good idea for you to tell anyone he's likely to ask what styles you like. Have someone you trust help him - one who knows your style and the ring that you love.

 Let the Cell Phone Do the Talking

If he knows how much you love Pinterest, make sure you have a board dedicated to the ring of your dreams to give him a helpful nudge. You could even tag him in the comments of a ring picture on Facebook.


Compliment Others in Public

When you are with you’re out and about with your significant other, point out someone’s ring you love.  Make sure he hears your "oohs" and "aahs". Usually your significant other is just waiting and listening to pick up on your subtle clues to what type of ring you’re interested in.


Be Direct

Sometimes it’s easiest to do more than drop a hint.  If you know he's shopping for rings or you've discussed it together, share your opinions in an email or text with pictures or a link to help guide him to the perfect ring. Many couples choose to go to a jeweler together to try on and pick out rings and styles together. With so many different rings available, you want to be sure your choice really fits your style, a picture cannot do a beautiful ring the justice it deserves. Doing this will give him a few options and if he doesn't buy it right then and there he will be able to choose more wisely and still surprise you!


So, now that you’ve given all these hints, are you still worried you might not get that perfect ring? Do him a favor - take matters in your own hands and make sure he knows what you want (but still let him think it's his decision). There is even the option to design your own ring, if nothing you see matches your style. After following these tips and dropping a hint all you should have to do is remember to act surprised!


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