How to Care for Silver and Remove Tarnish

Posted on Friday, January 18th, 2019 at 2:48 pm by Richard

Silver is just as popular now as it was fifty years ago. It has proven itself to be more than just a trend in jewelry, which means it is almost guaranteed to stay in style forever. Over time, it is inevitable that your silver jewelry will start to tarnish. Here are some tips and tricks on how to keep your silver jewelry looking its best.

Wear It More Often

Although tarnish affects mainly the top few layers of the metal, it can cause more significant damage to pieces that are silver-plated, with only a thin layer of silver surrounding them. That being said, wearing your jewelry more often can prevent tarnish to your silver. Giving your silver more wear prevents moisture build-up that may occur while in storage.



Keep Your Silver Dry

Leaving silver in a moist environment affects your silver more than you might think. One way to reduce this effect is to add a piece of chalk inside a storage bag along with your silver. Chalk attracts any moisture, leaving your silver dry and tarnish free. Store your silver in a cool, dark area. Avoiding sunlight will reduce heat and friction near your silver.


Wash Your Silver By Hand

An easy way to make sure your silver is tarnish free is to wash it by hand. Use gentle hand soap and a soft cloth, washing your silver jewelry lightly. After you have washed your silver, dab it dry with a soft cloth. Remember, drying your silver completely is important, as tarnish can easily come back from excess moisture. But also be warned you should NEVER put your silver in the dishwasher! The chemicals in most dish detergents can corrode the metal and ruin your pieces.



Keep Your Jewelry In Individual Bags

Another factor that plays a big part in silver tarnishing is how you store your jewelry. The pouch or box you receive when you initially purchase your jewelry does have a purpose. They can contain a soft fabric or anti-tarnishing properties. Stop by Goldsteins for assistance in finding the best storage option for your silver.



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