Posted on Friday, October 20th, 2017 at 11:52 am by Richard

One of the best parts of fall is the fashion wave it brings. Colors that seem out of place in the summer seem to pop in October. The practice extends to more than just scarfs and sweaters, but also to jewelry. No outfit is complete without a statement piece to draw it all together. Over the next couple of weeks as you pull out your favorite autumn pieces, keep in mind these five gemstones (paired with a timeless style) that should be on your must-have list this fall:

1.      Emerald Statement
The beauty of emerald is that it works well in whatever style you’d like to wear it, whether that’s in a ring, necklace, brooch or more. The green hue would seem to fit in better during spring or summer but don’t be afraid to work it into your fall wardrobe. The evergreen shade plays off the red tones that are prominent during the latter part of the year and together the shades make for a striking match.  

2.      Amethyst Pendant
During the fall and winter months you want to adorn colors and pieces that are deeper and classier. Amethyst can do just that, lending itself to thoughts of a cornucopia that paints a full picture with the addition of an eggplant or a fig. An amethyst gem says something about the person who wears it; that they don’t abide by the standard protocol of what’s expected, but instead by what speaks to their soul. Take a chance and make an impression by adding amethyst to your lineup this autumn.  

3.      Ruby Ring
There’s nothing quite like seeing a striking ruby sit daintily on a strong hand. In a flash of light the ruby itself will become a kaleidoscope, casting all the colors of fall on those in view. It’s the epitome of finding ways to stay warm in colors during the cooler months and it’s the perfect addition to your jewelry box this season.  

4.      Rose Quartz
Playing off of the recent popularity of rose gold, rose quartz takes the shade in a more subdued tone that works well during the fall months. It can be worn in place of gold but still makes just as much of an impact. Found in several styles from necklaces, bracelets, and larger stones for rings, rose quartz is a versatile gem that can help pull together all other fall pieces.

5.      Chunky Turquoise
Turquoise has a tranquil, blue shade reminiscent of the waters in secluded beaches. It harkens back to American Indians, who first discovered the gem among the rocks and cliffs that mirror the colors of fall. The pop of color looks beautiful next to the orange hues that we see so much during the season. Turquoise looks best in chunky pieces so find a large ring, necklace or bracelet and let your outfit call you into nature to experience the snap in the air and the falling of the leaves with a brightness that is drawn from your turquoise gem.

           Don’t let the subdued feeling of fall keep you from making a statement with an arresting piece of jewelry. These five gemstones should be on your radar for 2017 and they will become some of your favorites for years down the road.

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