Professional Jewelry Services in Mobile, AL

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At Goldstein's Jewelers, we offer the following services:



Insurance Evaluations

We are happy to provide insurance evaluations for jewelry purchased from us.  If you bought (or received) your jewelry some time ago, we can either update a prior evaluation or provide an evaluation so you can have your jewelry insured properly.  After five years, we will have to check the security of your stones before providing a new evaluation.  This is done in the store and can take a few days.  Unfortunately, we cannot do appraisals over the phone or for jewelry that was not purchased from Goldsteins.  We highly recommend you bring your jewelry in for an annual cleaning and inspection, at no charge.

Jewelry Repair – Done Right….Here

What sets us apart from other jewelers is that we can fix and repair broken or damaged jewelry right in our store. Our experienced and professional jewelers can handle any necessary repairs on site and normally have it back to you in about five business days.  We can usually let you know how much your repair will cost and how long it will take when you bring us your treasured jewelry.  You will leave with confidence your jewelry will be repaired properly and you will know just how much it will cost to have it done.
One of the services we provide is a complete inspection, tightening stones as necessary and refinishing to like-new condition.  We will be able to make your jewelry look just like it did when you first saw it!
Do to the nature of our quality work, we cannot provide an estimate over the phone.

Ring Sizing

The size of your fingers will fluctuate over time, so we offer ring sizing when you need to make them larger or smaller to fit comfortably. Our experts will size your desired finger and make adjustments here in our shop. If your rings don’t fit anymore, don’t let them sit in a box or storage. We can even help if you have a ring stuck on your finger because we understand it happens.
We can alter most rings that are Platinum or 14 or 18 karat gold. Fragile metals like sterling silver and 10 Karat gold rings cannot be resized with us.

Custom Design

At Goldstein’s custom is truly custom! If you want jewelry nobody else has – we can make it right here in our store. Unique is much more than picking a setting and putting in a diamond or other gem. We have the ability and expertise to take your drawing, sketch, or idea and turn it into reality. Tell us your desires and watch us bring them to life!
Do you have a collection of family or inherited jewels that is just sitting around? Turn several pieces from your jewelry box into one masterpiece that you will treasure for a lifetime. One of the most popular transformations is turning a ring into a necklace. If you will have outdated styles that don’t fit, need repair or just aren’t your style any more, these could be the beginning of something new that you will love again. These are the perfect jewels to use to design something that fits your current lifestyle while using the gemstones that have a history with you!
For your complete satisfaction, we start by using high-tech CAD drawings to make you a wax casting with a 3D printer. This allows for you to try on the model before we make it to ensure you will love it. Throughout the process, we will provide you updates along the way so you know exactly what stage your design is in. We can send you pictures along the way for a special touch, too.
For one-of-a-kind, truly custom jewelry, come talk to us about your aspirations.


We provide free engraving inside most wedding bands purchased from us, if the engraving is ordered when the ring is ordered. You can receive up to 30 characters and spaces complementary. Just let us know when you are picking out your rings and we will take care of it for you. Unfortunately we do not have the ability to engrave jewelry.  However, some items can be special ordered for you with engraving provided by the factory.  We can help!

Watch Battery Replacement

Don’t lose track of time! We will happily change your watch battery for free in one or two days.  All we ask is that you make a voluntary contribution to charity, in any amount you choose. After Hurricane Katrina in 2005, we have collected over $75,000 from our wonderful customers that has gone to charities in the Mobile area.  There is a list at the store.  While we have supported many, much has gone to support the Boys & Girl's Clubs of South Alabama and Penelope House.  If you have a favorite charity, we will try to include them in our donations.


Private financing is available from Wells-Fargo with the The American Gem Society program, depending upon qualifications. For more information, please visit: Apply for financing by clicking here.